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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

21st June 2021 

Liberation is not something to be achieved in after-life. Striving for liberation must start early in life and proceed continuously. Another term for liberation is "emancipation". That is true freedom – freedom from bondage to senses. This means that you must carry on all duties without attachment to the fruits thereof. Today, all actions are performed with attachment to results. For instance, students pursue the study of bioscience with a view to becoming doctors. There is per se nothing wrong with this. But when they become doctors, they should be primarily concerned about the welfare of their patients and not in their earnings! Even in rendering social service, there is often an element of self-interest that vitiates the quality of your service. Instead of being a positive act of selfless love, service becomes a negative act carrying the taint of self-interest. No permanent joy can be derived from such negative activities. (Divine Discourse, Feb 15, 1998)

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