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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

9th June 2022 

People hug brass pots and take them to be gold, but they have to polish them so that they may appear bright. One day, they will get disgusted with this constant polishing and scrubbing; they will pray, “Release me from this scrubbing, this birth, this suffering and this agony.” Life is short and time is fleeting; your spiritual practice is creeping at tortoise speed. When will you decide to proceed a little faster? Your spiritual practice is like the answers you write at the examination. If you get only 5 or 6 marks, the examiner will strike out even that, saying, “What is the use of these few marks: it will take you neither here nor there.” If you get somewhere near the passing marks, then Grace will give you just a little more so that you may pass, provided you have been a diligent and well-behaved student. Engage yourselves in good deeds, good company, and good thoughts. Fix your attention on the goal! - Divine Discourse, Feb 23, 1958.