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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

4th June 2022 

Do not entertain in your mind the idea of purity or impurity while doing any spiritual practice or meditation. There is nothing impure in the world. When the Lord is immanent everywhere and in everything, how can anything be impure? Even if something appears to the ulterior eyes as impure, the moment it contacts the name of the Lord, it becomes purified. Note this point! If someone discovers a treasure while answering the call of nature, will they hesitate to take it because he is impure at the time? Purity and impurity are the results of the mental reactions of the particular moment. When one is giving money to someone, one talks of the auspicious time and the purity of the hour. But when one gets a chance to take money, every moment is auspicious! The mind is the reason for both attitudes. Similarly, no thought of purity or impurity will bother you if you have full faith in the love of the name of the Lord! - Dhyana Vahini, Ch 8.