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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

27th June 2022 

It is the practice of what one reads that imparts strength, like food does when digested and what exercise does to promote health! Saint Tyagaraja sang that the Lord is the inner motive force within the ant as well as the Universe; though you may intellectually agree to this, when an ant bites, you do not feel that you have come in contact with the Lord in that form, do you? Hence, do not proclaim great truths aloud; instead, show by your conduct that you attach value to them and that you are guided by them! Be careful of at least this: Don’t yourself commit those faults of which you accuse others, and don’t ask others to reach a standard that you are loathe to climb up to! If you live according to these two principles, then even if you don’t bow down before an image or attend temple rituals or worship as per schedule, you can secure Lord’s Grace. - Divine Discourse, Mar 24, 1958.