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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

17th June 2022 

The mind is the wind that brings us smell, foul or fragrant! When the mind turns to the foul, it makes you disgusted; when it turns toward the fragrant, you are happy. The wind gathers clouds from four quarters; similarly, the mind brings into your consciousness, disappointments from many hopes. Again, it is the mind that, like the wind, scatters the clouds that darken it or make you feel lost in the night of doubt! Control the mind and you remain unruffled. That is the secret of peace; that is the education that one must first claim and secure. We find today that the person who is most highly educated is the very person who is most discontented and unhappy. Then, what is the gain from all the study the person has made of books and of men and things? To gain this equanimity, you have to not just read, but make systematic spiritual effort. Then, you can be happy whether you are rich or poor, appreciated or rejected, prosperous or unlucky. - Divine Discourse, Dec 20, 1958.