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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

31st May 2022 

Do not crave the fruit the moment the sapling is planted! Do not pluck and chew the leaves and the twigs in the hope of inferring therefrom the taste of the fruit! Doing that does not help you enjoy the sweetness of the fruit; besides, the plant itself will not survive. Similarly, your task is simply to cultivate the sapling called the ‘name of God’. While doing so, do not doubt and examine whether it has the glory ascribed to it. Without fail, that sapling will grow into a tree and give you the fruit you hope to eat. You can achieve it. The name is capable of yielding that fruit. So the purpose of one-pointed attention (ekagrata) is to make you stick to the name, without altering it, and to keep its form always in sight. The net of ‘remembrance of the Lord’s name (namasmarana)’ should have no torn holes; that is to say, it must take place always, with no intermission. If there is any gap, the fruit that falls into the net might escape through it! Perform meditation until your mind comes firmly under your control. That is the primary task. - Dhyana Vahini, Ch 8.