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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

4th February 2020 

Arise, awake! Establish once again the kingdom of God (Ramarajya), resplendent with mansions of truth, righteousness (dharma) and peace. Practice the eternal religion of love, quench the burning flames of ignorance, peacelessness, injustice, and envy with the waters of love, forbearance and truth. Develop the feeling of mutuality. Each one should realise their own faults and understand that there is no use in searching for faults in others. It is a mere waste of time; it also breeds quarrels. So give up that trait. If this opportunity is missed, when and how will you redeem yourself? Don’t yield to dejection, but say ‘finis’ to all the un¬righteousness deeds of the past. Repent sincerely and tread the path of prayer to God, good deeds and brotherly love. Sweep away all jealousy and anger. Remember the rules taught by holy personages, characteristics lived and taught by the most eminent and of the reign of God. (Prema Vahini, Ch 34)