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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

31st December 2021 

Life is a short play on the stage. This body is like a bubble. The mind is always fickle. In Gita, Arjuna confesses to Krishna that the mind, which is constantly vacillating, is difficult to control. Nevertheless, man has to concentrate on his true destination. What is this destination, the goal and the aim of life? The Bhagavata and the Bhagavad Gita have made this clear. Our destination is the source from which we came. As long as the individual is caught up in the Prakriti (phenomenal world), his mind will be unsteady and vacillating. The Vedic declaration, "Soham" (He is I) is demonstrated by the inhaling done during breathing. When you exhale and utter "Aham," you are giving up the "I". "So-ham" proclaims the identity of the individual and the Divine ('I am He'). This identity will not be understood as long as one is caught up in the tentacles of the material world. -Divine Discourse, Feb 11, 1983.