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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

29th December 2020 

Embodiments of Love! Everyone is born in this world, by the will of God. Having taken birth as a human being, one has to realise the Divinity within. Every human being is a messenger of God. The primary duty of every individual as a messenger of God, is to practice and propagate the principles of truth, love and peace, to experience the bliss, and to share it with others. The one who propagates the worldly, fleeting and ephemeral cannot be called a messenger of God. One should not waste one’s life in merely eating, drinking and sleeping. In fact, such a life is a blot on human nature itself! One has to overcome difficulties to be successful in life. Every activity should reflect the divine message. You see many people suffering. In what way are you helping them? Give happiness to those who are suffering. Consider your every activity as God’s work. (Divine Discourse, Dec 25, 1998)