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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

28th December 2020 

Hold the rosary over the middle finger, keeping three Guna fingers together. This means that you are now transcending the world of attributes and qualities, of name and form, of multiplicity that is the consequence of all this transformation, and proceeding towards the knowledge of Unity. The Jeevi finger (index finger) now slowly passes each bead towards the thumb (Brahman), touching the tip of the Brahman finger. When the bead passes over, mergence is emphasised with every bead and every breath, for, while the fingers learn and teach the lesson, the tongue too repeats the mantra or the Name, with the pranava (the primal sound of OM). The japamala (rosary) is very useful for beginners in sadhana, but, as you progress, japa (chanting) must become the very breath of your life and so, the rotation of beads becomes a superfluous and cumbersome exercise in which you have no more interest! Always, at all times, in all places, Hari (Lord) is meditated upon. That is the stage the japamala should lead you. (Divine Discourse, May 10, 1969)