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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

27th December 2021 

Compassion towards all creatures is the greatest virtue and wilful injury to any creature is the worst vice. Have full faith in this; spread love and joy, through compassion, and be full of joy and peace, yourself. You do not have joy and peace now, mainly because your vision is warped and wobbling. The vision is now directed towards the faults, and failings of others, never towards one's own faults and failings. The ears too, delight when stories of failures and foibles of others are related. No attempt is made to examine the failures and foibles of oneself. Really speaking, inquiry and the investigation have to begin with oneself. For, what we see in others is the reflection of our own selves, our own prejudices and preferences. Besides, when your attention is focussed on faults and failures, vices and wrongs, the mind too becomes infected with the pollution and it starts relishing only experiences of such tastes. - Divine Discourse, Oct 25, 1974.