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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

27th December 2020 

Transcend anekatwa bhava (the feeling of multiplicity) and cultivate ekatwa bhava (the feeling of oneness), that will end strife, grief, pain and pride. See all as expressions of the same God, as appearances on the same screen, and as bulbs lit by the same current, though of manifold colours and wattage. Feel that you and they are able to talk and walk, and think and act because of the God within. Differences that strike you while you cast your eyes are illusory; you have not yet developed the vision that makes you apprehend the unity which is the truth of all the seeming diversity, that is all! The fault is in you, not the world. The world is One; but, each takes it to mean what pleases one most! The world is One, but, each sees it from one’s own angle and so, it appears as if it has multiple faces. (Divine Discourse, May 10, 1969)