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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

23rd December 2021 

All your charity and worship are of no significance to the Lord. Show your charity and wealth to the income tax department. God needs only your love. There is no tax on love. Some sit in dhyana (meditation), but their minds are in the market or in the hairdressing shop. Is this dhyana or japa (repetition of the Divine Name)? The mind should be immersed in Krishna. Instead, it is filled with trishna (desires). What is needed is Krishna, not trishna. Krishna will fulfil all your trishnas. Dear Devotees! Mere chanting of the Lord’s name is not enough. Offer your love to God. Love is not your property. In fact, it is the property of God. Surrender to God what is His. What is the use of a long life without this offering? You have no right to offer your love to anyone other than God. When you offer all your love to God, He will look after all your needs. - Divine Discourse, Sep 03, 1999.