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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

23rd December 2020 

Sat is the Existence Principle, the ‘IS’ that is the basic truth of the Universe. Align with the Truth, the Sat in you, the Satya (Reality) on which the Mitya (false) is imposed by minds that do not see light. By dwelling in that Sat, the flame is lit, light dawns, darkness flees and the Jnana Bhaskara (Sun of Realisation) rises. When there is hard rock below, you have to bore deeper for tapping the underground pure water. Softer the subterranean soil, quicker the success. Make your heart soft; then success is quick in sadhana. Talk soft, talk sweet, talk only of God - that is the process of softening the subsoil. Develop compassion, sympathy; engage in service, understand the agony of poverty, disease, distress and despair; share both tears and cheers with others. That is the way to soften the heart and help sadhana to succeed! (Divine Discourse, May 10, 1969)