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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

21st December 2021 

Why should one pray, meditate, contemplate on God or engage in good actions when one is anyway bound to face the consequences of one’s actions? You may not be able to see the transformation that comes within you by your good actions and prayer. You may not even be able to visualise it with your mind. Yet, this transformation in you is sure to attract God’s grace. Take the example of a bottle of pills. You may note the date of expiration mentioned on the bottle as the year 1994. You may find the bottle and its contents intact even in 1999. But this does not mean that the pills will be effective if used later. The pills may be there, but they lose their power after the date of expiry. Likewise, the consequences of one’s actions are inevitable, be they good or bad, but divine grace will let their effects lapse. - Divine Discourse, Sep 03, 1999.