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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

21st December 2020 

To realise the Brahman through continuous meditation on Brahman is not an enjoyable path for all to take. This was why spiritual teachers like Ramanuja favoured the path of devotion. They experienced themselves the bliss flowing from love of God and propagated the love-principle as the easiest means to experience the Divine. There have been teachers who have emphasised the Karma Marga (the path of Action), the Jnana Marga (the path of knowledge), the different types of yoga or other means to realise the Divine. But the common under-current that flows through all of them is the path of Bhakti - the path of Divine Love. This is accepted by all of them. Love must expand from the individual to the whole universe. Love is God. The universe is permeated by God. To see God in everything, to love everything as a manifestation of God and to offer everything to God as an offering of Love - this is the way of Love! (Divine Discourse, Jan 19, 1986)