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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

20th December 2020 

Without firm faith in the omnipresence of the Divine, devotion has no meaning. By developing faith, devotion is nourished and devotion enables one to face all the vicissitudes of life with fortitude and serenity, regarding them as dispensations of Providence. Finally one-pointed devotion for God leads to union with the Divine. Today devotion begins with the morning ritual of yoga (a form of worship), progresses towards bhoga (enjoyment) at mid-day and ends with roga (sickness) at night. "Satatam Yoginah," says the Gita. To be absorbed in the Divine always is the mark of a yogi. This cannot be achieved in one jump. But can be achieved through constant practice. Self-realisation is the goal. Love is the means. It is through the cultivation of Love that life can find fulfilment. Everyone must strive to achieve this fulfilment by filling this human adventure with the sweetness of love and transforming it into an expression of Divinity. This is My benediction for all of you. (Divine Discourse, Jan 19, 1986)