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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

18th December 2020 

When a drop of water falls into the ocean, it achieves immortality and infinitude. If you hold a drop of water in your palm, it evaporates in a few moments. But when you join it with the ocean, it becomes boundless and one with it. Only through Love can union with the Universal be realised. To a devotee who achieved such a union with the Eternal, everything appears as Divine. The Gopikas of Brindavan were such devotees. They experienced divine bliss through their intense devotion. Like a fish that cannot live out of water, the devotee who is immersed in the nectarous ocean of divine love, cannot exist for a moment without love of God. He cannot relish any other thing. Every part of his body is so much filled with love of God that each organ finds expression in proclaiming the glory of God or rendering service to God. This was the devotion Gopikas had for Krishna. It was something beyond intellect and power of reason. (Divine Discourse, Jan 19, 1986)