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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

17th December 2021 

You must proceed from the known to the unknown. Then love expands in ever-widening circles until it covers all nature until even plucking a leaf from a tree affects you so painfully that you dare not injure it. The green vitality of the tree is a sign of the Divine Will, which sends its roots deep into the soil. The roots keep the tree safe from storms, holding it fast against the violent tug of the wind. So too, if the roots of love in man go down into the spring of the Divine in him, no storm of suffering can shake him and crash him into disbelief. As a lump of sugar sweetens every drop of water in the cup, the eye of love makes every person in the world friendly and attractive. The simple milkmaids of Gokul saw each other as Krishna; such was their overwhelming love for the Divine Incarnation. - Divine Discourse, May 24, 1967.