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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

17th December 2020 

One should never speak ill of others. Mounat kalaham nasti (strife does not arise out of silence). Salute those who offend you. Don’t return offence with offence. If you act in the same manner as your opponent, how can you become greater? While saying that the other is acting wrongly, will you be right if you act in the same manner? Never act in this manner. Let those who commit offence continue their offensive behaviour. Never react. Wish for the welfare of everyone. When all are happy, you are included. We pray for the welfare, wealth, and health of all. Never wish for the misfortune of any other person. There is no room for hatred in this world. All are friends. If you persist in this manner, wishing well for everyone, and praying for their prosperity, you become an ideal for the whole world. (Divine Discourse, Mar 12, 2002)