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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

16th December 2020 

The heart of the devotee flows with love of the Lord through constant remembrance and recitation of His name. Out of this stream of love, devotion emerges. One who is nourished by the nectar of devotion will have no desire for anything else. Affection, attachment, and desire are natural qualities in man. When these qualities are directed towards God and when one is continuously engaged in good deeds, these qualities acquire purity and sacredness. The devotee is ever conscious that the universe is a manifestation of the Divine and is permeated by Him. His life is based on the recognition of the immanence of God in everything. This state of mind is called Prema Advaitam (unity in Love.) Through this love the devotee experiences his oneness with the Divine. Enjoying the bliss of this experience, the devotee does not even desire Liberation from birth and death. Unremitting love of the Lord is everything for him. Such devotion is known as Ananya Bhakti (Total devotion to One and One only). (Divine Discourse, Jan 19, 1986)