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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

15th December 2020 

Everyone must strive to fill the heart with true devotion. Constant contemplation on the form of the Lord and frequent repetition of the Lord's name are the means by which the heart is filled with the love of God. When there is this love, the devotee is filled with inexpressible ecstasy. It was out of such ecstasy that Kulasekhara Alwar, the royal saint, exclaimed: "Oh Lord! People talk of Moksha (liberation) as the means of redeeming life and getting rid of birth and death. I do not ask for such redemption. I shall be content with loving You and serving You in countless lives. Allow me to love You and serve You - that is the only blessing I seek from You and not Moksha." The universe is permeated with love. It is the embodiment of Vishnu. There is nothing in the cosmos, no place in it where He is not present. To regard the Universe as a manifestation of God and to experience it as such is real devotion. (Divine Discourse, Jan 19, 1986)