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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

8th November 2020 

God is the closest, fondest and most reliable companion. But man, in his blindness, ignores Him and seeks the company of others. God is present everywhere, at all times. He is the richest and the most powerful guardian. Yet you ignore Him. The Lord is here, near, loving, accessible and affectionate. But many do not open their eyes to this great opportunity! The Name will bring Him nearer to you. Now, the Name is on the tongue, the world is in the mind and the owner of the Name is in the heart. The world and its attractions are distracting you, obliterating the answer the Lord gives to the call of the Name! The Name of God, with all its halo of glory and majesty, can cleanse the mind of passion and emotion, and make it placid and pure. When the Name is repeated without concentration and without reverence, it cannot cleanse the mind. (Divine Discourse, Feb 26, 1968)