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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

7th November 2020 

The instrument through which you are able to master nature is itself not really understood. When once that is understood, all that is understood through it will become plain. This is what sages of India did; they sought to know that which if known, all else can be known. The Upanishads lay down the process of this discovery. The expression of that discovery in practical life is - Love. For, it is Love that creates, sustains and engulfs all. Without Love, no one can claim to have succeeded in deciphering God and His handiwork, the Universe. God is Love; live in Love - that is the direction indicated by sages. Love can grow only in a well-ploughed heart, free from brambles. So, the heart has to be prepared by means of Namasmarana (constant recital of the Name); it can be called a yoga, like bhakti, jnana or karma (devotion, wisdom, action). It can also be called Chitta shuddhi yoga - The path of Consciousness-cleansing. (Divine Discourse, Mar 01, 1968)