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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

6th November 2020 

The fisherman uses a rod and line; that line has a float from which hangs inside the water a sharp hook with a worm. The fish is drawn by the worm to the hook, the float shakes, the fisherman feels the pull of the fish on the line, and he draws it on the land, where it is helpless and unable to breathe. The body is the rod, the yearning, the eager longing, is the line; intelligence is the float; discrimination is the hook; knowledge is the worm; Atma, the fish, is caught thus by the clever angler. When you get spiritual wisdom, Kaivalyam (divine status) draws towards you. Travel beyond the realms of lust, anger and hate, into Kaivalyam which is the state in which the Divine is experienced as all-comprehensive, as Will, as Activity, as Bliss, as Intelligence, as Existence. You must suppress your tamas (ignorance), sublimate your rajas (passions) and cultivate satwa (purity) in order to be established in Kaivalyam. (Divine Discourse, Feb 26, 1968)