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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

5th November 2020 

People's minds are too full of the world; the stomach is demanding too much of their time and energy. Their desires and wants are multiplying too fast for their capacity to satisfy them, their dreams are far too real for them; they lead one into false victories and absurd adventures. Engrossed in the analysis of the material world, people have lost all sense of spirit, sweetness and sublimity; under this new dispensation, truth has become just a word in the dictionary. Compassion is reduced to a meaningless travesty. Humility, patience, reverence - these are as invalid as a flameless lamp in the far distance. The only hold that one has in this dreadful darkness is the name of God. That is the raft which will take one across this stormy sea, darkened by hate and fear, and churned by anxiety and terror! (Divine Discourse, Feb 26, 1968)