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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

4th November 2020 

The bee hovers around the lotus, sits upon it, and drinks the nectar; while drinking sweet intoxicating honey, it is silent, steadfast, concentrated, and forgetful of all else. Man too becomes like that when he is in the presence of God. The hum of the bee ceases and is silent when drinking of the nectar begins. Man too, sings, extols, argues, asserts, only until he discovers the rasa (sweet essence). That rasa is prema-rasa (sweet essence of love). Where there is love, there can be no fear, no anxiety, no doubt, and no ashanti (absence of peace). When you are afflicted with ashanti you can be sure that your love is restricted, your love has some ego mixed in it. The senses are one's deadly foes; for they drag your attention away from the source of joy inside you, to objects outside you. When you are convinced that they are at the bottom of this conspiracy to mislead you, you will certainly stop catering to them. (Divine Discourse, Feb 26, 1968)