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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

27th November 2020 

What man should seek today is not pleasure. Nor is his goal sorrow. Wherefrom does pleasure come? When pain is got rid of, pleasure is secured. Man should bring under his control the source of pleasure and pain. More than pleasure, it is pain that awakens wisdom in man. If you study the lives of great men, you find that it is out of trouble and pain that they derived wisdom. Without sorrow there can be no wisdom. It is pain that teaches many wise lessons to man. Not realizing this profound truth, man pursues pleasure endlessly. No doubt man needs to be happy. But how is happiness to be achieved? It is only when sorrow is overcome, man realises happiness. Hence everyone should welcome sorrow in the same spirit in which they greet happiness. Every man has his origin in Truth. He is sustained by Truth, and merges in Truth. He is the embodiment of Truth. When every individual recognises this truth, the whole world will be permeated by Truth. (Divine Discourse, Jan 1, 1998)