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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

23rd November 2020 Bhagawan's 95th Birthday

I utter no meaningless word. I do no purposeless deed. I plan no significance-less action. I never engage in unholy activities. I have nothing that I need. My joy consists in fulfilling your aims, and in making you reach the goal. The one thing that I ask for is a love-filled heart. Believe and hold fast, without entangling yourselves in a mesh of empty explanations and imaginary arguments — that is the way to profit. Do not develop attachment to this body. Why, attachment to any body is not desirable. This hand gives you things, but My hand is that which creates all this. My course is unique, different from all that you know. I do not identify Myself with anything. Ice is water, water is ice. The Form (saguna) is without form (nirguna), without form is this form. I am incomprehensible. The Lord’s Form can be perceived only by means of the eye of love (prema) or the eye of wisdom (jnana) or the eye of yoga, not the eye of sensual activity. - Divine Discourse, Oct 25, 1961