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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

17th November 2020 

Yours is a splendid chance to become guides of mankind. You, who belong to the Sathya Sai Society, have this responsibility in an even greater measure, since you must lead model lives of sincere striving. Having taken the Name, you are bound to act according to My command and shed the light of devotion on all who come near you. No attempt need be made to run away from the duties of one’s station and status. Remember, those duties have to be done as worship, as offerings of one’s intelligence and skill, qualities, and thoughts and feelings at the Feet of the Lord in a spirit of thankfulness for the chance given, without a trace of egoism or a sense of attachment to the fruits of the actions. The root of all trouble is the uncontrolled and ill-directed mind. Obligatory actions have to be carried out, wherever you are, with care and sincerity. They award the needed discrimination and non-attachment. - Divine Discourse, Apr 23, 1961