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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

15th November 2020 

Do not be carried away by worldly pleasures. Take the sacred path and sanctify your time by chanting the divine name. There is no need to allocate a specific time or place for namasmarana. You can do it wherever you are and whatever you are doing. One needs to pay tax for water and electricity but there is no tax for namasmarana. Nobody can stop you from doing it. It’s very simple, yet most effective. But people don't realise the value of namasmarana as it is so easy to practise. They think that God can be attained only through severe austerities. This is a misconception. Without troubling yourself or causing trouble to others, you can chant the divine name. Cultivate love for God. That is true devotion. Develop sacred love. Do not criticise or ridicule anybody. Give happiness to all by sharing your love with them. This is true spiritual practice. Follow this simple path, experience bliss and sanctify your lives! - Divine Discourse, Feb 24, 2002