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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

13th November 2020 

We should examine the reason why the formless Lord takes the form of a human being and comes into the midst of humans. It is so that He may mix with the human beings and set up examples and ideals for them, and to convey to them all aspects which they should learn. Many people ask very innocently and ignorantly why an Avatar, who possesses all powers, should subject Oneself to all troubles; and why should the Avatar tolerate hunger and suffering all around. An Avatar who has all the powers should be able to remove all such suffering in one moment. If there is any meaning in such a question, why should an Avatar come in human form at all? The Avatar can remain as a formless Divinity and do all these things from that position itself. In time, and under certain conditions and environment, whatever has to be done must be done and such acts, at a human level, have to be performed. - Summer Roses On Blue Mountains, 1976, Ch. 6