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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

12th November 2020 

When the thirst for liberation and the revelation of one’s reality is acute, a strange and mysterious force in nature will begin operating. When the soil is ready, the seed appears from somewhere! The spiritual guru will be alerted, and the thirst will get quenched. The receiving individual has developed the power to attract the giver of illumination. That power is strong and full. Therefore, naturally the splendour that can confer illumination will get ready to bless. Though gurus of the common type have increased in number, a Guru is available for one who is far more supreme and compassionate than any or all gurus. He is none other than the Avatar of the Lord. He can, by the mere expression of His will, confer the highest consummation of spiritual life. He can gift it and get one to accept it. Even the meanest of the mean can acquire the highest wisdom, in a trice. He is the Guru of all gurus. He is the fullest embodiment of God as a human. A person can cognize God only in human form. Unless God incarnates as a person, people can never hope to see God or listen to His voice. (Ch 13, 'The Avatar as a Guru', Sathya Sai Vahini)