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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

11th November 2020 

I have often told you that My Life is My Message. Avatars proclaim so and demonstrate their Divinity that way. They are children among children, men among men, and women among women, so that they may respond to their joy and sorrow and console them, and infuse confidence and courage into their drooping hearts. The Avatars appear among humans since birds, beasts, trees and the like have not slid into the unnatural and the strange. It is only humans who, pursuing the mirage of worldly happiness and sensual pleasure, have forgotten the task for which they have come to earth. Since God assumes human form in order to restore Dharma and lead man back into the path of virtue and wisdom, nothing can please God more than rigorous adherence to Dharma. One can stick to the path of Dharma if one is conscious of the Divine in everything that one sees or hears, touches or tastes. That will fill every moment of one’s life with the thrill of self-realisation. (Divine Discourse, Nov 1970)