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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

10th November 2020 

Mind wills, yearns, prompts and insists on effort and action. This process is called sankalpa, these are like sasanas (commands). Everyone has to be aware of the variety and validity of actions induced by these promptings. Mind is host to fifty million such! Of thoughts that appear and vanish like clouds that pass silently, many stay and stir the mind into activity. These are sankalpas. Until these are understood against their vast background, one cannot live happily and in peace. Good sankalpas elicit best out of one and help one to use all strength for uplift. A person has to recognise bad sankalpas or urges as soon as they arise, render them ineffective by systematic cultivation of beneficial sankalpas. These alone can save from disaster and keep one close to Prasanthi (supreme calm). Ships at sea are guided by compass along desired direction; without it, they risk being wrecked. Man has to sail safe across the ocean of samsara (worldly existence). (Divine Discourse, Jul 10, 1986)