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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

25th October 2020 VIJAYADASHAMI

On Vijayadasami day, the seven-day long Vedic ritual, performed for the promotion of peace and prosperity among all men in all lands concludes with the valedictory offering to the Gods who preside over various facets of nature. This is called Poornahuti and usually a number of valuable things are poured and placed in the sacrificial fire that was adored and fed during the entire week. The final offering is of one's self, which is the culmination of the sacrifices rendered all along. The significance of Poornahuti is fulfilling one's earthly life by dedicating oneself to the Omniwill or Brahman. This is also known as surrender or Saranagati. You have nothing in you or belonging to you that you can claim as yours to offer to God. Then, what does surrender of the self signify or imply? To experience God as Omnipresent, to be aware of nothing other than God - this is true surrender. To see God in everything, everywhere, at all times, is true Saranagati. He gives, He enjoys, and He experiences. (Divine Discourse, Oct 08, 1975)