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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

24th October 2020 

The students think that their 'duty' is only to be punctual when one attends college or school, and to be attentive during the lectures and other academic exercises. The teachers too consider their duty done, when they attend during prescribed hours and perform the assignments allotted to them. This misconception has to be given up. Education has to be welcomed as a Sadhana for the establishment of peace in the individual heart as well as in society. Education is a spiritual endeavour, over which Goddess Saraswati presides. Saraswati is the Shakti of Brahma, the First Member of the Trinity, and She is the source and sustenance of all creative activity. Gayatri, the vital Vedic mantra, which prays to the ‘Source of Light’, to illumine the intellect of the aspirant is also a facet of that Shakti. Gayatri mantra is a universal eternal call from the heart of man to the Embodiment of Love and Light. It is the very basis of the educational effort in all lands and at all times. (Divine Discourse, Jul 06, 1975)