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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

9th January 2022 

When you are immersed in the ananda (bliss) of the Lord, you are master of all the lesser anandas also. When you dive in the sea, you must seek pearls; when you go to the Kalpavriksha (the wish-fulfilling tree) ask for the Highest Bliss. Do not crave for the smaller when the vastest is available, for just a little more effort. There is a natural craving in man to become one with the vast, the supreme, the limitless, for, in the cave of his heart, there resides the self-same Supreme. It is like the young calf pining for the cow. Each calf knows its mother. You may have a thousand calves and a thousand cows. Let loose the calves and each will find its own mother. So too, you must know where you get your native sustenance and support - that is God, from whom you came. - Divine Discourse, Feb 20, 1966.