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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

9th January 2021 

Remember in what spirit Hanuman, the monkey, served Sri Rama. Hanuman has been described as ‘tranquil, virtuous and strong.’ Such a person, when he was on a tree in the Ashokavana in Lanka, was questioned by the rakshasas (demons) as to who he was and where from he had come. Hanuman replied: "Dasoham Kausalendrasya (I am the servant of Sri Rama, the Son of Kausalya)”. He did not boast about his valour or knowledge. He was content to describe himself as the humble and devoted servant of Rama. Bear in mind the maxim, "Without being a kinkara (one who is ready to carry out the Lord's command), you cannot become Shankara (Divine)." You have to transform your life through service. You should give no room for arrogance or self-interest to the slightest extent in your service activities. Install in your heart the feeling that the service you render to anyone is service to God. Only then does service to man become service to Madhava (God). (Divine Discourse, Mar 23, 1989)