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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

7th January 2022 

For all types of spiritual discipline, congenial company is very necessary. Man is shaped by the company one keeps; so, be ever vigilant of the air you breathe; it is fouled by foul thoughts of men amongst whom you move. The pure water that falls as rain from the sky is changed into a hundred tastes and colours by the soil on which it falls. But, even slimy slush of gutter has some hope of turning into pure water again; for, when the Sun shines, it can rise as vapour into clouds and regain its pristine nature. To cleanse the mind, prayer is the water and repentance is the soap. Mere water or detergent cannot do the job; repentance must be followed by a resolute determination not to repeat the wrong. You must pray for help in sadhana, through Grace! Guard the wisdom gained from snares of attachment and aversion - this must be the theme. For, where there is duality, there is fear, decline and death. - Divine Discourse, Jan 30, 1965.