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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

7th January 2021 

The Bal Vikas is the primary basis of the great movement to restore dharma (righteousness) in the world. The elders are far gone in their ways, and it is difficult to expect change in their habits and attitudes. Children have to be led into good ways of living, into simplicity, humility and discipline. Through the example of bright, cheerful and cooperating children from the Bal Vikas classes, many parents have to be persuaded lovingly to send their children also to these classes. As you know, you cannot draw children to your side if you hold a stick in your hand; you will have to hold some sweets instead. So the Gurus have to be embodiments of love and patience. The ideal of the Bal Vikas is to raise a generation of boys and girls who have a clean and clear conscience. The actual syllabus is not so important as the creation of an atmosphere where noble habits and ideals can grow and fructify. (Divine Discourse, Jun 6, 1978)