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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

6th January 2022 

Man is fundamentally Divine, and so, naturally, the more one manifests Divine attributes of Love, Justice, Truth and Peace, the more ananda (bliss) one is able to enjoy and impart. The less one manifests them, the more ashamed one ought to be as one is living counter to one’s heritage. The tree of life has to be watered at the roots, but now, those who plan to raise the standard of living, water branches, leaves and blossoms. The roots are the virtues; they have to be fostered so that the flowers of actions, words and thoughts may bloom in fragrance and yield the fruit of seva (service), full of the sweet juice of ananda. Planning for food, clothing and shelter is only promoting the well-being of the cart; also plan for the horse, the mind of man which has to use the food, clothing, shelter and other material instruments for the high purpose of 'escaping from the ego into the universal'. - Divine Discourse, Aug 03, 1966.