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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

6th January 2021 

People appear to be in quest of God. They do not realise that all that they see is permeated by God. All forms are Divine. But because their vision is outwards, they are unable to have the inner vision of the Divine. Man craves for peace. Though the source of peace and bliss is within himself, he seeks them in the external, like one pursuing a mirage. Owing to restless activity, endless worry and limitless desires, man has lost peace of mind and has become a prey to discontent and misery. At the outset, peace has to be cultivated within ourselves. And then that peace has to be extended to the family. From the home it should spread to our village. Thus, peace should begin with the individual and spread to the whole society. You have to engage yourselves in service, eschewing every trace of ahamkara (conceit). Our degradation is the result of forgetting God. When we remember God, our life will be filled with peace and happiness! (Divine Discourse, Mar 23, 1989)