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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

5th January 2022 

Picture a rosary of several types of beads. The string passes through each and holds all beads together, no doubt; but it’s only in the transparent beads, that the string is visible! So too, make yourself transparent, free from the wish and will that hide or befog: only then can the Inner Motivator be seen. You can’t argue that since it is not seen, it is not there! You can earn this transparency through purity of intention, impulse and instinct; that’s achieved by systematic and sincere spiritual discipline. A ladder has to be as tall as the height you want to reach; your sadhana has to be as long as the time taken to reach the goal! When the walls are completed, the scaffolding is removed; when the vision of the Reality is attained, forms of spiritual disciplines such as japa, vrata, puja, archana, sravana, kirtana (repetition, religious vows, worship, offerings, listening and singing) can be dispensed with. - Divine Discourse, Jan 30, 1965.