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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

31st January 2020 

Twenty hammer strokes might not succeed in breaking a stone, but the twenty-first stroke might break it. Does that mean that twenty blows were of no avail? No! Each contributed its share to the final success; the last result was the cumulative effect! So too, the mind is engaged in a struggle with the world, both internal and external. Needless to say, success might not always be your lot. You’ll certainly attain everlasting bliss by immersing in good works and saturating your mind with love for God. Infuse every moment of life with love. Then, evil tendencies will not hamper your path. If your mind always dwells with the Lord, you will be drawn towards good deeds. The objective of all spiritual practice is destruction of the mind, and some day, one good deed will succeed in destroying it, like the twenty-first blow! All good deeds done in the past contribute to this triumph; no noble deed is unworthy, every little act counts! (Prema Vahini, Ch 28)