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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

30th January 2020 

Life is eternally stalked by death. Yet, people don’t tolerate the very mention of the word “death”. It is deemed inauspicious to hear that word, though, however insufferable it is, every living thing is every moment proceeding nearer and nearer to it. Intent on a journey and having purchased a ticket for the same, when you enter a train, the train takes you willy-nilly to the destination, whether you sit quiet or lie down or read or meditate. So too, each living thing received a ticket to death at birth and has come on a journey; so whatever your struggles, safeguards and precautions, the place has to be reached some day. Anything else may be uncertain, but death is certain. It is impossible to change that law. People have taught the eye, ear and tongue the luxury of constant novelty. Now, the opposite tendencies have to be taught. The mind has to be turned towards the good; the activities of every minute have to be examined from that standpoint. (Prema Vahini, Ch 27)