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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

3rd January 2022 

The "I-am-body" consciousness must go, if the "I-am-embodied" consciousness, must emerge. So long as you are in the dehi (I-am-embodied) consciousness, no pain or grief, pride or egoism can tarnish you. It is like seawater. Take a small quantity of seawater and keep it separate in a bottle; it will get foul in a few days. But, so long as it was in the sea, nothing could befoul it. Be in the sea, as part of it; do not separate yourself, do not individualise yourself, do not feel that you are the deha (body), apart from the dehi ('I'). This must be your diksha (steady pursuit). And, the diksha must express itself in actual practice, as nishtha and sikshana. Nishtha means discipline, control; sikshana means training of the senses, the emotions, etc. Nashta (food) should be subordinated to Nishtha. The body (deha) is but an instrument to realise the Indweller (dehi). - - Divine Discourse, Jan 29, 1965.