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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

28th January 2020 

A merchant calculates debit and credit at the end of a week, month, year and draws up the balance sheet to arrive at one value — his earnings. So too, in this business of life, everything ends leaving some net positive, after all the give and take is accounted for. The experiences that persist to the very last moment of life, the two or three that well up into consciousness when one recalls all that has happened in life, these are the genuine achievements. At the point of death, if one yearns to cater to the tongue, it is proof that throughout life the tongue has been the master. Or if a woman remembers her child and seeks to fondle it, the inner desire (samskara) of child-love has been predominant all through life. It proves that all other experiences have been thrown into oblivion. Therefore, direct the entire current of life toward acquisition of the mental samskara that you want to have during the last moment. Fix your attention upon it, day and night. (Prema Vahini, Ch 27)