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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

23rd January 2020 

Some aspirants are so frightened by troubles, losses, and difficulties to even begin their spiritual endeavor, and so remain aloof. Some devotees, after undertaking the spiritual journey and travelling some distance, are depressed and defeated by obstacles and disappointments and give up in the middle. Yet others steadfastly adhere to the spiritual path with calmness and courage, whatever the nature of the travail, however hard the road - these are of the highest type. You may be deluded by attachment to this illusory world and attracted by temporal joy, but never barter away the means to achieve permanent and complete happiness. Carry on your spiritual duties with full devotion. God cannot be experienced without faith and steadfastness. The Lord comes only through supreme devotion (para-bhakti); supreme devotion comes only through spiritual wisdom (jnana); spiritual wisdom comes only through faith (shraddha); and faith comes only through love (prema). (Prema Vahini, Ch 18)