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As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today

21st January 2020 

If the I-consciousness produces the pride “I know all”, a fall is inevitable; this delusion causes death. The secret of salvation lies in the realisation of this danger; rebirth is inevitable if this danger is not averted. Aware of all this, if you get immersed in spiritual practice, then the world and its worries will not affect you. It is only when you are far from this truth that you suffer, feel pain, and experience travail. At a distance from the bazaar, one hears only a huge indistinct uproar. But as one approaches it and walks into it, one can clearly distinguish the separate bargainings. So too, until the reality of the Supreme (Paramatma) is known to you, you are overpowered and stunned by the uproar of the world; but once you enter deep into the realm of spiritual endeavour, everything becomes clear and the knowledge of the reality awakens within you. Until then, you will be caught up in the meaningless noise of argumentation, disputation and exhibitionist flamboyance. (Prema Vahini, Ch 16)